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When Life Goes Thump...

A great evening of food with a few friends --other couples who are pastoring local churches, too.  First time at Red Lobster for a number of us -- thanks to gift cards we were using given to us by people in our congregations.  Thank you!  My wife and I were invited to go along with another couple.  After a very uneventful ride to Reading and a great meal, we headed home.  Very quickly after getting onto 222, we noticed a thumping coming from one of the tires.  It didn't go away and since they had a flat tire recently, the driver decided to stop and check it out.

Growing Strong Together -- 2013 Theme

Our Conviction...GROWING:  We believe God calls everyone at Martindale to greater personal and spiritual growth in our relationship with Jesus and each other.

Our Goal...STRONG: We are committed to strengthening the members at Martindale through preaching/teaching God's Word, promoting involvment in a small group, offering specific training/input through seminars, workshops and classes, teaching on spiritual gifts, and promoting opportunities to serve others.

Put it on Pause!

I was jolted with a dose of reality the other day when my sons were playing together. This was a game of lions and tigers with stuffed animals.  One of them had to leave the room for a bit and told the other one, "Put it on pause."  Put it on "pause," I thought?  I laughed at his comment, but was reminded of how differently my sons will grow up than I did. Aren't there days you wish you could "pause" reality, though?  The dose of devasting news you just received -- wishing for more time to absorb it and understand it before you have to respond.

A Supporting Body

As I looked around during our prayer time today (yes, I did have my eyes open), my heart was warmed as I saw you support each other through prayer -- small groups of people gathered around those who had shared prayer requests and were wanting to know that God heard our prayers.  I believe one evidence of God hearing our prayers was the visible support surrounding those who had requested prayer, for from Matthew 18:20, we read, "For where two or three are gathered togehter in my name, there am I in the midst of them."