Put it on Pause!

I was jolted with a dose of reality the other day when my sons were playing together. This was a game of lions and tigers with stuffed animals.  One of them had to leave the room for a bit and told the other one, "Put it on pause."  Put it on "pause," I thought?  I laughed at his comment, but was reminded of how differently my sons will grow up than I did. Aren't there days you wish you could "pause" reality, though?  The dose of devasting news you just received -- wishing for more time to absorb it and understand it before you have to respond. Maybe it was a treasured moment that you wished you could preserve for a little longer. Maybe it's the joy on your child's face as they unwrapped a present, or blew out birthday candles. But no, reality does not pause. Life does not pause. It moves on...and on...until the day that we will no longer know what a pause is, because there will be no more time. The day we enter eternity. It's incredible to think that the most ultimate time of our lives -- eternity with Jesus -- will be one giant pause, for it will never end.